Software Licensing Training Courses

Software Licensing Training Courses

Learn everything you need to know about Software Licensing!

Misinterpreted licence terms and insufficient in-house licensing knowledge are key causes of both non-compliance and overspending. Every organisation benefits from maintaining a strong in-house knowledge of the software licence terms that apply to the use of software.

Each of our instructor-led training courses has been carefully designed to provide you with the in-house knowledge and expertise you need to;

Mitigate Risk

Identify and address compliance risks and avoid the common mistakes that expose organisations to licence deficiencies.

Make Informed Decisions

Optimise spend by knowing what licences you need, the quantities you require and the reasons why you need them.

Optimise Licence Usage

Maximise ROI by making intelligent usage of licences and being aware of all the rights and benefits your licences provide.

  • “This was a really great course that I would recommend for anyone who is involved in Microsoft licensing or implementation. There was a good mixture of formal explanation and discussion of issues along with random quizzes to keep everyone entertained. The time flew by.”

    Sarah Bailey: Manager IT Management Services – Coffey International

    Masters of Microsoft Licensing Course Feedback
  • “Exceeded my expectations”

    Anonymous Course Participant – 1

    Masters of Microsoft Licensing Course Feedback
  • “Very comprehensive”

    Anonymous Course Participant – 3

    Masters of Microsoft Licensing Course Feedback
  • “My knowledge of Microsoft licensing has greatly improved”

    Anonymous Course Participant – 4

    Masters of Microsoft Licensing Course Feedback

Training Courses

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